Who is actually using LINQ or LINQ to SQL?

Microsoft UK sends out these MSDN Flash newsletters once in a while. Every one of them has this poll with some .NET related question and the results come in the next letter. I got the latest today and last time the poll was about the following:

What really amazes me is the high number of LINQ to SQL and especially LINQ to Entities projects starting on January 1 2009.From what we hear at Class-A from every contact we’ve got, very, very few people are using LINQ, let alone LINQ to SQL. Entity Framework isn’t even something people think about using for production code.

So my question to you is

  • are you using LINQ, LINQ to SQL or any other flavor in production code and what are your experiences?
  • Are you using .NET Framework 3.5 anyway? Are you still on .NET Framework 2.0?