PDC2008 keynote Windows Azure

Blogging live at the PDC 2008 keynote… **Windows Azure
**This new version of Windows was just announced. We’ve got desktop and server (back-end) versions of Windows and this should be the web tier, the operating system for the cloud. Windows Azure is about scaling up and keeping your applications and services up 24/7, no need to take them offline when updating. It contains Live Services, .NET Services, SQL Services, SharePoint Services, Dynamics CRM Services.


Microsoft is betting big on Windows Azure and cloud computing and will be offering the following products in Microsoft Online Services initiative.

  • Exchange online
  • SharePoint online
  • Dynamics CRM online **Bluehoo
    **On demo website running in the cloud is a cool website running on Azure. http://keynote.bluehoo.com/
    It’s a social networking site where you can install software on your mobile and see other mobile devices (using bluetooth) around you. If they’ve installed Bluehoo on their mobile you can chat and share interests, etc.

http://m.bluehoo.com is the address to go to with your mobile. It seems an awesome app, we’ll have to try it!