PDC 2008 Keynote 2

Scott Guthrie is talking… Very fast what he’s talking about…

  • WPF 4.0 has touch
  • .NET 4.0 can be loaded in the same process as .NET 2.0
  • Visual Studio 2010 is build in WPF
  • Ability to create awesome visualizers in Vsual Studio 2010
    Scott just shows us a 200 line code visualizer that replaces the normal /// comments with a nice box with much richer presentation
    This runs on MEF
  • MVC will be released in upcoming months
  • jQuery intellisense support for Visual Studio 2008 right now.
  • ASP.NET news
    • Better deployment options, like having multiple web.config files (or deltas) under the normal web.config
  • IIS smooth streaming for (amongst others) Silverlight streaming video will be released
  • Silverlight
    • 1 in 4 machines have Silverlight installed, according to ScottGu
    • New controls like Charting, TreeView, Dock Panel, etc.
      Full access to source code, of course
    • Updated Silverlight designer in Visual Studio 2010, based on WPF work done for VS2010
    • Run Silverlight inside and outside the browser Strange, nothing about Silverlight 2.0 on mobile. There is a session about it though, but I’m going to “Oslo” sessions.