ZoomIt 3.0

I’m doing a SharePoint training right now and am using a computer for slides and stuff which is not my own. So a few of the first things you do is download Reflector and SysInternals ZoomIt. To my joy I saw that ZoomIt 3.0 was released and that it adds LiveZoom. Too bad the computer hasn’t got Windows Vista, because LiveZoom only works on Vista and higher versions.

It does work great though. I’ve been wanting this feature so long that I can’t even remember it. LiveZoom doesn’t support drawing (yet?) but that doesn’t matter. I just want it for looking at the property window while being able to change its properties and looking at tooltips and such. Tooltips and others tend to fade when you press CTRL, and CTRL+1 is the (default) key to use for zooming.

LiveZoom does flicker when started, because it needs to load itself or so. It keeps in memory for two hours, so it won’t flicker the screen for two hours. That it consumes some memory because of this I don’t mind, I just want me LiveZoom that bad! 😉

Download ZoomIt here, find other SysInternals tools here or run them immediately right here.