Azure pricing

So finally they released some information on Azure pricing, or the Azure Business Model as it’s called…

First, it’ll be commercially available from PDC09 in LA this year.

Windows Azure SQL Azure .NET Services
Compute @ $0.12 / hour Web Edition – 1GB @ $9.99 Messages @ $0.15/100K message operations , including Service Bus messages and Access Control tokens
Storage @ $0.15 / GB Business – 10GB @ $99.99
Transactions @ $0.01 / 10K

Bandwith on all three will be charged at $0.10 in and $0.15 out per GB.

Customers have said that consumption based pricing as stated above might give unpredictable results. I can already imagine us opening up the slider and spend tons of computing hours, storage, etc. At PDC09 other options should be presented.

With going prices, if I would host BloggingAbout.NET on Azure, that would probably mean around $ 350,00 per month. With one VM we’d use 24 computing hours a day; our database hasn’t reached the 10GB yet, but is way over the 1GB limit of the web edition. Although I can guess other companies find $ 350 a month pretty cheap, considering they don’t need infrastructure people running around, I think I’ll stick with my own server! 🙂