Devnology & after party (OffTopic)

Today the Devnology meeting with Rob Vens was held at Class-A in Woerden. It was a fun and interesting evening, you can probably read more about it soon on the Devnology site. One thing I have to throw online though is what happened after the meeting. A lot of people stayed to chat about technology and what the future or other languages and platforms might bring us. That’s what Devnology is always interesting for, the bridge that’s being made between all those different kind of developers.

But after a while a few people stayed, like Michel, Stephan, Freena, Frans Bouma and the Devnology ‘board’. We actually got to play some Guitar Hero tunes and almost everyone complained that the game was lagging, but perhaps that was because they just could not play that well. Frans Bouma played for the first time in his life, the especially difficult Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani, together with Michel. Way cool!