Zune player in taskbar

zunetaskbar This is pretty sweet, you can have the Zune player in your taskbar.

On previous version of Windows, I had my media player up there. But now the Zune player has this ability in Windows 7 as well.

If you have the Zune 4.0 software installed you can right-click the Windows 7 taskbar, select toolbars and then select the Zune toolbar. Now whenever you minimize the Zune player software, the icon will disappear and the player will be in the taskbar. The larger image on the left appears when you hover over the minimized player.

On the Windows weblog there’s more information available about the combination of Windows 7 and the Zune software. There are other options available that might interest you.

Zune software updates for Zune 4.0 optimized for Windows 7