BloggingAbout.NET is dead

BloggingAbout.NET is dead

BloggingAbout.NET as a (domain)name exists since December 14, 2004. As a community much longer, with the first article posted on October 21, 2003. It was called Wasabi back then, which brings back a lot of good memories. At some point we ran on Community Server by Telligent, which doesn’t even seem to exist anymore. We started blogging inside CMG about technology but felt we just had to share all the goodness with the rest of the world. 😉 More and more bloggers joined.

Unfortunately over the years, our community became more and more quiet, until I was the only one left. And even I became silent on my own blog. The main reason was that we moved to an Azure VM which was so horribly slow that I could not be persuaded to write anything anymore. I always wanted to move to an Azure hosted WordPress site, preferably even a static website. But that would possibly mean losing all comments and also a big migration to something else than WordPress.

For now I’ve decided to basically disband BloggingAbout.NET as a community and use the domain for my own personal blog. I created a website on Azure and moved the data from my own personal weblog to it. I still have everything running locally, for if someone would like a copy of their own data. If possible even with redirects to their own website.

Anyway, the community has now passed away silently and this has become my personal weblog now. I’ve still got tons of ideas to blog about, so hopefully I can find the time and enthusiasm to actually do it! Fingers crossed!

– Dennis