Author: Dennis van der Stelt


Cloud service in Azure : Speedtraps

For the 828 event next Thursday I’m developing some examples. One of them is where I get all speed traps (Flitsers in Dutch) from http://www… a source that I won’t mention here. I then...


Broken Azure

Whoops, did I break something? Update : Things got worse!



Update : The application was renamed to blu. The previous name was much cooler, but they probably have their reasons! 🙂Find it here. Although Twitter hasn’t taken any forms of hysteria yet in The...


ZoomIt 3.0

I’m doing a SharePoint training right now and am using a computer for slides and stuff which is not my own. So a few of the first things you do is download Reflector and...


Typemock Isolator for SharePoint

Today Typemock released a new product called Isolator for SharePoint. If you’re confused, Typemock is the company and Isolator is their mocking framework you might (and should!) know. The new product is just for...


PDC 2009

We’ve already heard it mentioned last week in Los Angeles, but here’s the date already…


Entity Framework Futures

A bit late, but it was still in my drafts folder, I just had to finish it. Timothy Mallalieu presented the session on the future of Entity Framework. The Data Platform We have so...