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A customer of us ran into some problems today. The following kind of describes the problem.


BloggingAbout.NET and costs

BloggingAbout.NET is doing great in visitors, bloggers and traffic. Unfortunately a bit too good for what we can provide. We’re running into increasing hosting costs as we currently pull dozens of Gigabytes of data...


Visual Studio Gallery

It seems Microsoft is setting up a new site called “Visual Studio Gallery“, but haven’t said anything yet. The site is live though. I’ve searched through my entire RSS feed database but could not...


Windows Live Writer Beta 3

I’ve almost missed this, but Live Writer Beta 3 was released on september the 5th. As Google, Microsoft has created an installation program where users can select the tools they want to install, which...



I really like it when people think about real-life things and bring that into my (or ‘a’) computer. For example, I once saw some kind of fruit-bowl in which you could lay your PDA,...


I’m so ALT.NET that it hurts

I’m so very, very, very ALT.NET that I’m NOT going to look at Ruby, Python or any other dynamic language. Everyone’s doing it, I’m taking my own path and stay C# and VB.NET. There,...



Yesterday was a great day for our family, as my son ‘Bart’ was born at 17:12. With 3650 grams and 53cm long, pretty tall for our standards. My wife and kid are great and...


xlUnit – Unit testing for Excel

I’ve been busy in Microsoft Excel for a few weeks now. It’s just a minor application I have to finish and once that’s done I can start over again, but then I’ll have to...