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I’m currently debugging an application and it says: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld. Anyone any idea what it means?! 😉


Spam control

We’re getting some serious comment spam at the moment. Just today I’ve already received a couple of hundred comments that Community Server marked as spam. Although none of them pass the great spam filter(s),...


Demoscene found YouTube

The demoscene seems to have found for getting demos on the net. The winner of Assembly 2006 was by The Black Lotus, and they seem to rule the Amiga scene. I was looking...


Advanced usage of the ?? operator

P.J. van de Sande from the (Dutch) weblog Born 2 Code .NET has two posts about the in .NET 2.0 new ?? operator. In the first post he explains what it does and why...


Modify paperclip skin

Because I sometimes want to paste source code into my posts, I want my skins to be a little wide. Source code is often much wider than normal text. I really like the new...