I’m kinda busy, so I haven’t blogged about yesterday evening yet. But one thing that springs to mind is the following from Ingo.

He said, we used to feel really good if we could tell people we were developers. Then it wasn’t that cool anymore and we called ourself senior developers. Now more and more people are senior developers so we found something new. Now we want to be architects, to look cool. I don’t know about you, but when they take away my Visual Studio and reply it with Word, so I can create documents about architecture all day long, I go crazy. That’s the day I quit my job and may become a farmer or something. I definitely want to develop applications. I don’t have to be the one that develops the entire application, or finishes it, but I don’t want to loose my VS.NET. I love to (think I am) creating an architecture, design components, tell other people how everything works (how to HST, for the people that were present yesterday) and then start developing and learning other (maybe less skilled) developers how all this cool stuff can be done. Just don’t take away my VS.NET! Then it’s okay if people call me architect.

And of course my boss wants me to tell him, that I want to be an architect, because else I won’t have any goals left, nothing to work at and then I can’t impress him anymore, won’t get raises, etc, etc. 😉

Anyway, Ingo Rammer is also working on a new book, it’s about architecture. But my kind of architecture, the kind of how to implement this architecture that’s already on paper, sort of speak. Taking decisions on how and what. I’ve read a sample chapter and it’s looking real good! Should be released Q4 this year. He’s already got one customer! 😉