dotNED meeting with Juval and Ingo

I was at the dotNED meeting yesterday in Purmerend. dotNED organized this because the TechEd was about to happen with lots of great speakers and this was a great opportunity to have some of the bigger speakers at the meeting. I’ll blog more details of the speakers and what they said later.

What was so great is that it was hosted by IS. They had this really nice marketeer telling us how great IS was and that was all fine, untill they brought in the pizzas! Men did they deliver. It doesn’t happen often when there’s that much on leftovers with all these geeks being there, including me! 😉

Anyway, I think this is one great way to promote your company. They get some time telling how great IS is, we get some great time being there, enjoying the drinks, chips and pizza. I hope we at our company can deliver something as equally cool, sometime. But we’re planning something, so hold your breath!

Anyway, thanks IS for hosting this!
We had a great evening!