MataDor – Free junk-mail/spam Bayesian filter for Outlook 2003 with C#

I’ve found a spamfilter for Outlook 2003 that looks very promising!
A Spanish blogger posted it on his own forum and as he says himself, 99.5% of the spam is tracked!

But it’s not that what I’m interested in. I’m interested in the personal mails not getting marked as junk! With the previous filters I tried I constantly had to look into my junkmail folder and search for mails that weren’t acutally junk. Besides that, most made Outlook boot really slow or made a continually crash.

And, I can mark this post under the .NET category, as it’s written in C#! 😉

You can find Matador here.

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  1. Ramon Smits says:

    This is a nice add-on indeed Dennis 🙂

    But still… I am running an exchange 2003 box at home for 3 accounts (yes, learning purposes…).

    Exchange 2003 can use blacklists and there is a plugin available called IMF. By using both I dramatically decreased the level of spammail that lands in my inbox!!

    I still have my exyll at account and this baby seems to receive more spammail a day then there are dutch dns registrations :). This account is really LOADED with spam.. Lucky for me that xs4all has very good spamfilter options so about 98% of spam mail is filtered (read /dev/null) then forwarded to my new e-mail adres domain ( This mail first gets the DNS blocklist.. which fails because the xs4all server is ofcourse not in that list (most of the time that is..), then the IMF kicks in and calculates an UCE level. If the level is 6 of higher it goes /dev/null and when it is level 5 it gets marked as junkmail in the exchange server. The cool thing is that IMF checks if the sender is on the receivers white- or blacklist.. is this is the case then that mail will never or always be deleted :).

    When I come home I login and Outlook 2003 will be started. It receives it’s mail and then the outlook 2003 junkmail filter kicks in. This baby isn’t doing great.. so I configured it for the low filtering option instead of high.

    This setup works GREAT… I think I receive 2 spams in my inbox a week which I don’t think is frustrating and no false-positives.’

    Matador is I think a better option then outlooks buildin junkmail filter. But it isn’t necessary in my situation.

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