DOS Demos working again!

I’m kinda bored at work with no account to logon to the development network, so nothing to do but browse the internet.

Just browsed and found a tool called DOSBox, which emulates MS-DOS. But, does more! It emulates realmode/protected mode, XMS/EMS, VESA Graphics as well as a good old Gravis UltraSound (GUS).

Together with a nice list on you can see that demos like Dope by Complex, Headache by Psychic Link, Second Reality by Future Cew, Solstice by Valhalla, Stars by NoooN and lots of other demos work within this emulator!

Too bad I have family coming over tonight, because I want to try these babies out!

Get DOSBox here.

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4 Responses

  1. Ramon Smits says:

    Damn.. I already brought you this fantastic news months ago on my blog Dennis :). Can I consider that you were not visiting it frequently 😉


    DOSBox is cool.. Although the GUS emulation is not great and a lot of pmode demos I tried from the collection of demo cd’s I have did not run.

  2. piet says:

    well this 0.62 version recently released

    has great gus emulation

    it’s almost the same if you listen to 2nd reality

  3. I tried it yesterday for a short period and Headache kinda works. You have to add a lot of cycles (F8 or F12) but then music can crack up and DOSBox doesn’t show the demo anymore and locks up or something.

    Bulll! by Trepaan also worked, which wasn’t in the list yet. Still have to check Fashion by Logic Design. One demo I haven’t seen in ages but really, really liked!

  4. Frans Bouma says:

    Yes, it works! 🙂

    First dope was very slow, but by increasing the cycles it was smooth.. 🙂 Always great to see the famous shadow volume effect with that cat object, which is really just color cycling 😀 🙂

    (also the bump mapping is just messing with u & v in the polyfiller… still amazing though) 🙂

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