Demoscene the Ultimate Meeting 2004

Wow, I just watched two very extraordanry demos, both released at The Ultimate Meeting 2004.I was checking my regular supplier,, if already some results and releases from TheParty 2004 were on. There weren’t, but instead a small item on tUM2004 was on, with results and releases.

So while I’m waiting for TP04 results, you’re waiting for cool and old demos in dos, I checked and stumbled upon these:

Breakpoint 2005 invitation by mfx and kewlers

Now this is something… strange, weird, special, hard, musical… epileptic?
Seriously, if you have never ever had an epileptic attack, or if you ever had the idea you could have an epileptic attack when you just kept on watching that flashing lightbulb or something, do not watch this demo! When this demo was finished, I thought I was almost getting mad and felt the need to adjust to the real world again.

But… It was a great demo! It has nice music that seemed a bit like the old Prodigy or some old dance tune. And the overall demo had a lot of nostalgia to very old demos, that even go back as far as the Amiga and MSX demoscene. A lot of flashing logos like smileys, peace-signs and more, as well as animated dancers overlayed on the effects. The nice twist in this demo however, is that all effects are blazing fast, most of them are 3D, very modern looking and everything ties together really well.

This winner of tUM can be downloaded here.

fr-038 : Theta by Farbrausch

Another strange demo, but very, very stylish. It reminded me a bit of Kasparov, partially because of the music, partially because of the scenes. This is however a completely different design and has some nice effects. I liked the part in the tunnel, right after the red tubes. The tunnels is built out of millions of pyramids and the camera builds up a tremendous speed, much faster then (at least) my gfx-card should be able to handle, so they’re doing it with some nice effects that morph nicely into each other.

This demo ranked second, and could definitly be a winner also!
Download the demo here.

GabberHammer by jco

A lot of the smaller parties always have some nerds that can brighten up everyone’s day by releasing such a shitty demo, that’s so lousy, that it surpasses every other bad demo. So bad, that it’s almost becoming good again. So bad but so weird, that people actually vote for it. Just like this one.

Man does this demo suck. I could not bear to watch it through, so I pressed escape after a minute or so. But if you ever were a hardcore gabber in your youth, you can probably appreciate this. But if you’re new to the demoscene and after the previous demos you’re still not fully aware of what demos are, or you’re still not sure if you are ever gonna like demos, just hold on. Don’t watch this one, in the future I’ll show you some candy that surpasses this one a million times.

Download this crap here.