Best wishes

Well, best wishes to everyone for this new year! I hope this is gonna be a great year!

Things I personally have in mind for the coming year:

  • With .NET, put some time in the Enterprise Library, that should be released this January
  • With these blogs, hopefully install the new Community Server :: Blog this month!
  • With my life, enjoy my two daughters and cut down on the “krachttermen”.
  • With my job, hopefully make it a lot more interesting, as this was a very bad year for me.
    At least it feels like that this last day of the year.
  • Update: And I’m gonna be playing a lot of BattleField 2 this year!!!

I’m also planning some time for Knights of the old Republic II, get my hands on Visual Studio 2005, Yukon, Team System and perhaps some BizTalk and InfoPath, as I think I should know some of these, to be able to make the right decision at customers which path to take.

Again, best wishes to all of you. And don’t forget to donate some money to the tsunami survivors!