FireFox extension BugMeNot

Firefox_globeOkay, this is it… I’m convinced. I’m using FireFox!

The reason is this plugin I found, which uses BugMeNot. BugMeNot is a website that ‘liberates’ sites, as they seem to call it. In other words, people register an account at a certain website, and then register it at ButMeNot. From that moment on, everyone in the world can use these login credentials to visit the site and access the other features.

Offtopic : So the first thing I did was register a new account at my own website and register it at BugMeNot. Now I’ll have to add a little functionality to my own website, that users cannot login under this account.

Anyway, the plugin for FireFox automatically retrieves a username and password for the site you’re on, fills the form and submits it. Then you’re logged in and you can access the other features. Worked flawless for CodeProject.

You can find the plugin on this page.