Team System Requirements

Aaargh. After installing Visual Studio 2005, the december release, my first thought was to try out Team System. Of course I need a server installation for that, so I was looking to install it. Read the manual.chm and found out it needs 1GB ram. Not only that, it also needs Windows 2003 Server with AD to work properly. And ofcourse if you really want to get going, MS Project, SharePoint, the works.

Too bad my Pentium 2 with 512MB memory can’t handle those requirements. Maybe at work we can arrange something over an internet connection.

I would love to test Team System, also over internet. See if source control works well, create unit tests and do performance tests. But also everything from start to end of a project. Analysis, design, development, testing, etc. All with bug tracking, etc, etc.

For now, I guess all I can do is watch those presentations