ReSharper, worth the try!

A while ago, Patrick Bes blogged about ReSharper, and that it’s such a wonderful tool. I had already tried it a few months before, while it was still in beta. For some reason I still had the idea it was beta, because I kept getting these spam messages from JetBrains about updates, but I never read these.

Ruurd however incisted I tried, so I finally picked it up. And I love it!
Not because of the intellisense. As Ramon, I don’t like it that much, but maybe I have to get used to it. I think it’s slow, the font and box is too big and I don’t like the fact that it removes items the more characters you type.

But I do like a lot of other features. For example, the fact that it informs you you’re missing a using reference, or refactors the redudant ones. As Patrick says, it informes you even before you compile that some variables aren’t used, etc, etc. But one of the coolest features? You won’t believe this!

You know when you copy-n-paste some code from where-ever, and don’t like the layout of it? Gotta remove a few tabs, add some, etc, etc. But because of the outlining, when your cursor is at the end of a line, and you press the delete button, the line kind of dissapears. That’s because in front of the next line, there were like 8 tabs, and the entire line goes offscreen! Not with ReSharper! No kidding folks! It immediatly removes those tabs and places all code one space behind your cursor! Now tell me, is this a tool to love or not?! grin