ReSharper, worth the try!

A while ago, Patrick Bes blogged about ReSharper, and that it’s such a wonderful tool. I had already tried it a few months before, while it was still in beta. For some reason I still had the idea it was beta, because I kept getting these spam messages from JetBrains about updates, but I never read these.

Ruurd however incisted I tried, so I finally picked it up. And I love it!
Not because of the intellisense. As Ramon, I don’t like it that much, but maybe I have to get used to it. I think it’s slow, the font and box is too big and I don’t like the fact that it removes items the more characters you type.

But I do like a lot of other features. For example, the fact that it informs you you’re missing a using reference, or refactors the redudant ones. As Patrick says, it informes you even before you compile that some variables aren’t used, etc, etc. But one of the coolest features? You won’t believe this!

You know when you copy-n-paste some code from where-ever, and don’t like the layout of it? Gotta remove a few tabs, add some, etc, etc. But because of the outlining, when your cursor is at the end of a line, and you press the delete button, the line kind of dissapears. That’s because in front of the next line, there were like 8 tabs, and the entire line goes offscreen! Not with ReSharper! No kidding folks! It immediatly removes those tabs and places all code one space behind your cursor! Now tell me, is this a tool to love or not?! *grin*

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8 Responses

  1. I fail to see why people like this tool so much. They must drink a lot of coffee during the day :). The problem with resharper is that all of a sudden you add a line of code and it decides to reanalyze the class. *freeze*… wait… ah, I can continue. Especially with large gui classes (which always tend to grow out of proportion) this is so annoying…

    Whenever I want to type code or open a class, I want to do that instantly, no tool has to come into my way or it is gone.

    On small codebases it ‘s perhaps a great tool, the features are ok, it’s just that to utilize these features, you need to have a lot of patience…

  2. Paul Gielens says:

    Frans is right, Resharper works fine as long as the amount of code is acceptable. I use it to reformat the code written by other team members and simple refactorings. Other than that, the slowdowns are well worth the wait imo.

  3. Well, currently I work in VS2002 with 1.0, and ReSharper doesn’t work well with 2002. In fact, it won’t install! 😉

    But I’ve tried it at home a few months back when it was really buggy. I’ve tried the final version for a night now, and it seems stable. There are some minor waits and I guess things will indeed slow down when you’re working with a lot of code and files. I’ll have to see that for myself.

    For now, I haven’t got a clue what it all does, as I’ve just been coding without using much of the features.

    I’ll give it a try, see how it enhances my coding experience, and then I’ll decide if it’s worth the waits or not.

  4. Ruurd Boeke says:

    Actually guys, I found the slowness the most irritating part of it as well. Almost deinstalled because of it. However, all of it is because of the code highlighting. Just turn it off (go to options/highlighting).

    You do have to be patient while loading your solution, but after that it’s fast again. Do try the ctrl-N and ctrl-shift-N shortcuts to open files directly. I found that a huge help in bigger projects where you do not want to use the solution explorer to find your files. Also the ‘Find usages’ feature is about the greatest thing known to earth.

  5. Pabes says:

    Frans has a point that resharper probably works better on small codebases. Our codebase is pretty large here, and when I started our solution I had to wait like 5 minutes before it analyzed the code. Besides that, I now realize that the intellisense and other on the fly analysis features of resharper slow things down. So i de-installed resharper :). Back to basics for me.

    That doesn’t mean everything is fast now but if your working on a project that had 15 developers on it for 2 years and XDE is part of the sollution what can you expect :). Ruurd here still loves it but he mainly uses the refactoring features.

  6. I just installed it and love it already. I’m working on a fairly large project and I haven’t noticed any performance issues so far. But then, I am working on a 2.8HT with 1 gig of memory…. guess that helps 🙂

    The ‘Find usages’ and the refactoring features are great. But also some small thing like the ‘Close all but this’-option on the tabs I’m enjoying already.

    The code formatting feature lacks allignment of assignments. We have a coding standard that says that all the ‘=’-characters in a block should be alligned at the same position.

  7. ReSharper 1.X is for VS .NET 2003 — it does not support VS 2002 ….

    As for performace issues, this is one that is highly debated, as most people don’t see problems, while a few do — however, as was noted, IF it’s because your project is extremly large, this may be the reason — if this is the case, then turn off the IntelliSense features. Since it does on the fly analysis, this *could* in theory cause problems are very large projects; however, how long does it take you to complie/run/compile/run? The analysis find the problems before you compile, so you shouldn’t have to do it more than once … it’s a give/take solution … much of this will also change once the ReSharper IDE comes out — for those of you who want to migrate … ReSharper 1.5 is due out soon, and some more tuning has been done … stay tuned.

    David Stennett

    JetBrains, Inc.

  8. Will version 1.5 be a free update when you purchase the current version? We’re considering to get some licenses for our project, but if there is new and faster version comming out, we might wait a little.

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