.Text 0.96 and bringing it further

Currently we’re using .Text 0.95 at BloggingAbout.NET. On some sites however, like weblogs.asp.net, they’re using a newer version, which has some added features, like the comment moderation feature. Comments must first be approved before visitors can see them. We want these features as well!

I noticed Dave Burke was blogging about .Text 0.96 and how it’s possible to download the sources. Somewhere around there I read that Thomas Freudenberg already upgraded his blog to 0.96 a year ago! Multiple people have several ideas on how to add more features to .Text, or already have done so.

If I can find the time tonight, I’ll try and get the 0.96 code working at home. I also want to take a look at CS Beta 3, to see what features it has. But I have the same problem as Thomas has, I’m not looking for a full blown product which also includes a forum and a gallery. I just want my blog. And if Telligent Systems decides to release the code, it’ll probably much harder to add features to it, as there’s so much code. As said, I’ll have a look at both.

First thing I want to implement, is something to fight the comment spamming. Chrissy LeMaire has already created some really great addons by updating stored procedures and triggers and creating a page which shows all rejected comments. I was thinking of using her input, add the page to the admin section and be able to reset some flag on banned comments, so they’ll show up as real comments again.
I think this is better then the moderation queue, as most comments should show up immediatly. The blogger should be able to flag comments as bad, and reset the flag on good comments.

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4 Responses

  1. Dave Burke says:

    Hey, Dennis. Thanks for the link (and the email)! You may have already seen this, but Dennis just posted on creating a 0.97-sort of .text only build.


    You’re absolutely right about Chrissy’s work. I just saw that yesterday and need to investigate further.

  2. Dave Burke says:

    D’oh! Just noticed my mistake. I meant THOMAS just post on an 0.97. sorry.

  3. I know, I’ve been in contact with Thomas and we’re thinking of joining our efforts and adding new features to .Text together. I was thinking about mailing you as well. Of course nobody is forced to do anything, but the (or at least my) idea is to keep it open source, although we will be adding stuff ourselves.

    Another reason not to use CS::Blogs is that you have to register to add a comment. Of course this would keep the spam away (although spammers could create an account also) but most people will find it’s too much trouble to register before adding a comment. So as on my personal site (sphear.demon.nl) I think you should be able to register and get enhanced features (like subscribing to comment-threads) and no one will be able to post under your name anymore. But unregistered users should also be able to post.

  4. Dave Burke says:

    I agree, you shouldn’t have to register to leave a comment.

    Interesting thoughts on comment subscriptions. I implemented that on my blog, described here


    but I find I have to refine it over time to make it more serviceable (remove pre-registration, for one) and lately see the need to dress-down the emailed comment to subscribers of the thread. It’s rich HTML with site branding additions at the moment. It should contain little more than the comment only, I think.

    This sharing of .text mods is a very interesting topic that we’ll be discussing further.

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