Community Server Beta 3

So I just installed Community Server, Beta 3.I already have some minor problems, along with some comments, like links in de admin section not being consistent. Perhaps they need to have a graphical designer take a look at the admin section, because you almost get lost in there. This time, the links are in the middle of the screen, and when you click on one of them, the links suddenly appear at the top. These are small things, but they disturb me! 😉

Anyhow, Scott noticed the questions raised about .Text, when, how and if we all could do something about it, as no progress is made on the latest version and Community Server won’t be released for a while, as it seems. So he answered that .Text isn’t dead, that CS is the next version of it, without a lot of bugs and with new features. He also said the source code will be released and that people will be able to contribute. People should also be able to only run the blog, or whatever types they want. I also noticed they had placed some pictures of the web setup procedure online.

I’m still wondering if we should upgrade to CS or stick to .Text and install it. I am seeing the new features, but some have already been placed online as mods, by several users. Other features aren’t that huge. And my problem still is going to be the large codebase, containing all three products. We’ll have to see how it’s seperated, before we can decide if adding new features is going to be easy or not.
When someone decides he’s (or she) going to add features to CS:Blogs, but don’t mind about the forum and gallery, they might create some serious bugs in those products, without knowing. Of course in the official release, everything will be tested very thoroughly. Right? 🙂

I still don’t know what to do. And here at BloggingAbout.NET we really need something to control the spam. So, still in doubt.