‘Recalled’ XBox explodes

In Sweden, an XBox with a replaced power-cord has blown up in its user’s face. According to the user he “got sparks in my face and the whole apartment smelled of the burn.”

Microsoft just issued a recall of over 14 million powercords supplied with early XBox consoles. Even then the problem isn’t solved, Microsoft knows. It’s a problem in the power supply of the box.

Microsoft now claims it’s not about the power-cord but it’s about solder joints. Good to know is that broken solder joints inside your XBox are a warrenty issue. So when yours blows up in your face, you’ll get a new one!

Via TheRegister

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5 Responses

  1. Ernst says:

    >> So when yours blows up in your face, you’ll get a new one!

    A new XBox or new face (courtesy of Brandwondencentrum Beverwijk…)?

  2. Roland says:

    "soldier joints"?

    What have you been smoking! (solder)

  3. Frans Bouma says:

    haha soldier joints… 🙂

  4. Frans Bouma says:

    Oh btw, it’s "…because light travels faster THAN sound".

  5. Thank you very much people! Cache sometimes sucks! I fixed it, but it won’t show up in the post just yet! 🙂 I see it’s showing now.

    Frans, I’ll see if I can still find the image and fix it. It’s been there for months by the way! 🙂 Otherwise I’ll just use something like Brain.Core.Dump.ToString() as people really seem to like those! 😉

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