Team System jack-of-all-trades

According to this post by Miguel Jimenez, there will be another version released that will contain all tools combined from the seperate Architect, Developer and tester versions. That’s for the occasional user who has more then one role during the day. 😉

Anyway, I think that’s good to hear, because I believe 99% of the time, people that do use Visual Studio.NET 2005 will at least require two versions of Team System. As said earlier, for the developing architect, or the testing developer.

But that raises another question, why do I have to make a choice for one of the versions, when there’s also going to be version for the jack-of-all-trades?

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3 Responses

  1. Carlo Poli says:

    You have to choose because Microsoft thinks that your current MSDN Universal subscription is only one version worth. If you want it all (the Team Suite, that is), you have to pay it all (read, double the price you pay now). Check this out

  2. You’re right, I didn’t know the suite was available as well. Just read about the three role editions.

  3. Alle de Haas says:

    And that "double" in price is going to cause a lot of complaint from those of us who don’t work in big teams.

    Make us pay for the Team System Server, OK, but don’t start holding back tools that are needed for developement

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