Comment Spam I

In the fight for comment spam I’ve installed Chrissy LeMaire her [MTBlackList triggers]( This means in the database everything will be caught, without really touching any of the tables. For me this means I can upgrade to 0.96 or [Community Server]( in the future. For now, there should be no more comments with about 10 links in it to casino sites or something. It still means however that bloggers will get email that a comment has been placed with the spam. I’m still thinking about wether to upgrade to 0.96 and remove the many reference-not-set-to-an-instance problems, upgrade to CommunityServer once 1.1 is released or stick to the current 0.95 version. I don’t think the last one is an option though. And sticking to 0.96 will probably cost me a huge amount of work. I can almost better create my own .NET 2.0 version 😉 I’m also thinking about putting up captcha controls or other ways to stop people from comment spamming us. Whatever it takes, you’ll hear more in the future. Bah, sometimes I just hate commercial business. Even more the fact that still about 30% of all people respond to those casino, viagra and other e-mails. Have a nice weekend!