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We’re still fighting the comment spam here, but over at LonghornBlogs they’ve implemented Google banners, known as AdSense, to spam their users with commercial ads. In your favorite reader it would look something like you see below.

AdSense in LonghornBlogs rss feed

AdSense seems to work pretty well, as this was the announcement about the rss implementation. Others about Bill Gates and AMD offer you Windows 2000 on AMD hardware. But still, they’re ads and you’re being spammed!

How would you feel about AdSense in all your feeds?

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3 Responses

  1. I’d feel bad, but isn’t that the way the world works? If there’s something a lot of people like (and use) there’s always someone who knows a way to earn money off of it. Apparently, RSS is interesting enough …

  2. Jan Schreuder says:

    Spammers should be castrated. I was really angry when spammers started to move from email to weblogs. And now rss feeds.

    Maybe it’s the way the world works, but that doesn’t mean i have to accept this sort of thing from happening. And apparently a growing number of governments feel the same way. Only a week ago, a spammer in the US was convicted in court.

  3. questa says:

    I love google adds, because they are related to the content of the page and provide me most of the time good advertisement. Some websites need the adds to stay running.

    Putting advertisement in the RSS feed is not a bad idee. But i only like advertisement when it doesn’t get a spammy look.

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