Visual Studio 2005 beta experience

Participate in the Beta ExperienceOn Gordo’s weblog I’ve just read Microsoft Netherlands has a DVD for download, called the Visual Studio.NET 2005 Beta Experience. A lot of material is on the DVD like a training project that should familiarize developers with designing and developing mobile, smartclient and webapplications for a fictive airline company called WeFly247.

On the DVD are also PowerPoint presentations with spoken content as well as audiofiles with over 50 hours of material.

This seems to be all Dutch material, as I cannot find any information on this package on the Microsoft USA site. If you’re Dutch, or want to try the language, you can find the 2.5GB DVD here for download ordering the DVD.

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4 Responses

  1. Jan Schreuder says:

    Cool Dennis. Thanks for the link

  2. Hi Dennis… That DVD is for the EMEA region, but its only orderable… I couldn’t find any download link on that page, also tried the english and spanish versions of the page, and there is no download link…

    Did you saw that link to download the contents?

  3. Kris says:

    Me too I couldn’t find the download link.

    I ordered it.

  4. Sorry folks, Gordo said it was for download and I didn’t check! 🙂

    It is indeed only for ordering.

    USA can get it here :

    EU, Afrika & Middle East here :

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