ASP.NET Development Helper

In the past, Nikhil Kothari was in my blogroll. Unfortunatly, he was inactive for very long and I removed him from my rss reader. Until I came across a post that was referring to a new tool he created and I was happy to see that in the past few months he was much more active then before. Nikhil Kothari is a lead developer on the ASP.NET team and he knows a thing or two about controls. He created a tool that integrates into your Internet Explorer and shows you wether your app is in debug mode. It can also hide/show the trace information and even show it in a seperate window. Especially server control developers should take a look at the tool. More information and screenshots can be found at [Nikhil’s blog]( Some visitor als created a [version for Firefox](

Screenshot 1  ![Screenshot 2](/images/asp-net-development-helper/DevHelperTraceT.png)