Revenge of the Sith

My 200th post. And dedicated to Star Wars. I’ve seen Revenge of the Sith twice now and I absolutely love it! I’m kind of a big fan, read little over a dozen books and have seen the old trilogy many, many times. Many times! When The Phantom Menace was released, I bought myself a lightsabre and a blaster and went into a fight with my brother at the movie theater. Result was we both made an appearance on a local tv station, slashing our lightsabres at each other. After that some people recognized us in the street. Being greeted as Jedi Master Dennis. Awesome! 😉 First, let me tell you that I don’t expect the prequels to be the same as the first trilogy. For some reason, people expect exactly the same thing and can’t enjoy watching the prequels. Whereas I love just everything in the prequels. Come on, so many lightsabres, so many duels, space battles. If it was just for the opening scroller I’d go see it. Heck, I even didn’t hate Jar Jar and loved Yoda in AotC. And again, I love Revenge of the Sith. I knew Anakin was going to be Vader, and that all Jedi would be killed. But when order 66 was executed, and it was happening before my eyes, I was stunned. My thought was, that his couldn’t be happening! And the way Anakin was turned over to the dark side was done really well. He was of course triggered by the vision of Padmé dying and also the fact the he caused the death of a Jedi. For Anakin, there was no way back. The only chance to save the one he loved, was to join Palpatine. The only thing that did not seem right was, that he immediatly slaughtered everyone inside the temple. Even in his talk with Padmé, he said he wanted democracy and help the senate and Palpatine. The fact that on Mustafar he says to Obi-Wan that he has brought peace to *his* empire points out that he has twisted thoughts of what the or a republic should be, but it’s peace he wants. Slaughtering all Padawans and younglings in the temple doesn’t bring you that. One of the scenes I absolutely love, is when Mace Windu is going to arrest Palpatine and Anakin is in the council chamber, with Padmé looking over Coruscant. Everything is very silent with a choir singing in the background and you can see that Anakin’s must make a decision and that it’s troubling him. I love that part! And then of course it starts. Anakin turns, the Jedi fall and Obi-Wan must fight Anakin. That’s some of the fastest blade action I ever saw and it’s just great. This is a movie that I will be seeing many, many times. May the force be with you all.