I was just looking at the statistics, mostly because I think there’s a problem with CommunityServer and its referrals. Referrals are in the IIS log, but aren’t recorder in CS, which seems kind of odd, don’t you think? These things are pretty hard to track down on our server, and when they’re not reproducible locally, it’s not easy to locate the problem.

Anyway, I looked at some others stats as well, and what I noticed was that the Google bot has used 128MB of traffic this month, and MSNBot (I can only guess where that one comes from) used a whopping 2GB !!! Is it Microsoft that just everything needs more memory, more drivespace, higher resolutions, more powerful cpu’s and now even more bandwith and traffic?! I mean, does Team Foundation really need four 2.2Ghz CPU’s, 150GB harddrive space and 4GB of memory upon installation? And does MSNBot really need to use 2GB of my monthly traffic? Come on!

Another thing that I noticed was that Internet Explorer (no filter on version) only took 48.7% of all browsers that visited us. But that can probably be explained by 33.3% of unknown browsers being RSS/Feed/WebFeeds/Atom readers pulling data and being 72.2% of the 0-30s long visitors on our site. But when people leave their reader, 8.5% spend longer then one hour visiting our site, against lower numbers for every other time being spent.

Something else that bugs me. Comment spamming has seriously decreased since we installed Community Server. But for some reason, these poker/stripper/hacker/romantic-maui sites are all over our referrals. What’s the purpose of this, what do they benefit from this? It just bugs me that my referrals are all messed up with these links, but I never ever follow one of these.

To our bloggers. It probably pays to be blogging about Vista, instead of blogging about .net. (the very poor punt intented ;). Although it’s only a few percent of all search phrases, they do contain the #1 position in the logs. And yes, virtualbeertender is still holding a very high score, ever since the beginning.