Telligent introduces the .NET Developer Community Program

Telligent software, founded by Rob Howard, former ASP.NET Architect at Microsoft, keeps to amaze us. They just launched a new initiative called the .NET Developer Community Program, .NET DCP in short. The idea behind this, according to the site, is to provide all public .NET community sites to free Community Server components, developed by Telligent.

Of course we signed up immediatly as we think we’re a free, non-profit based Microsoft/.NET community site. So I’ve sent them an email and write this to put some pressure behind it! 😉 But seriously, there are some addons I’d definitly like to install, like the File Gallery and perhaps in the future NNTP. I also expect more addons will be available in the future.

If you run a Microsoft/.NET based community, be sure to read this thread.