xlUnit – Unit testing for Excel

I’ve been busy in Microsoft Excel for a few weeks now. It’s just a minor application I have to finish and once that’s done I can start over again, but then I’ll have to do an application that’s a lot like this one, in C#. Some architectural challenges are in the next application, but I hope they make up for the lack in this one. Man, is Excel boring!

Also the fact that I could not practice Test Driven Development has again made clear you think about your objects and your design much better with TDD, then without.

So as I was bored doing this VBA code to fill up some crazy cells, ranges, worksheets and what more, I decided to create xlUnit. xlUnit is just some more VBA code, but this time I had fun writing it. It’s nothing groundbreaking, I bet even my mom could come up with this. But the fact that I can practice TDD and see if everything’s working with the click of a button, has made development even in Excel a little bit more fun.

I’ll go write some more smart VBA code now! 🙂