Teamprise for access to Team System from outside VS2005

Eric Sink, one of the principles of SourceGear, just introduced a new product called Teamprise. Here’s what’s on the official website:

Teamprise is a suite of client applications for accessing Microsoft Team System from outside the Visual Studio environment. Previously codenamed “Allerton”, Teamprise enables developers to use the source control and item tracking features of Team Foundation Server from other platforms, including Linux and Mac OS, and from within the Eclipse IDE. Eric already had blogged some about ‘Allerton’ being linked to Team System, but that it’s a replacement for Team System and works on different environments like in Eclipse, on Linux and Mac, is something new. Microsoft is probably very pleased with this, as this brings the power of Team System to many other developers. I can already see our companies Java developers logging into Team System, sharing projects side-by-side with us Microsofties 😉