Brining back the stoneage

I created this small internet application where people are able to register themselves for an event within our company. I persist the data in a database so I can place some filters over the data and see who registered and what they entered. No big deal. All registrants get a confirmation e-mail that they have been registered and one is sent to a corporate e-mail address with all data in a nice readable format.

Then a week of vacation came and a lot of people registered while I was away. Now I’m back and asked the organisation what kind of lists they would want, for example registrants, or people they can bring along. They just stared at me with those big eyes and told me that they were copy-n-pasting a list from every e-mail received. They asked me why they didn’t know sooner such a list could also be generated! I then just created a list within 30 seconds for them, to show them how nice a guy I am.

Don’t you just love information technology, shifting around bits and bytes, creating lists and reports for clients!?