TechEd Europe cancelled?

For some reason, the news was spread around that TechEd Europe was cancelled. Even officially, although the article (in Dutch) is very vague, talking about TechEd being cancelled, to continue that it’ll be held in november. When I spoke about the cancellation with my friend Miguel Jiménez he told me he just got requests for topics for TechEd 2006 from Microsoft. So I got curious. Later I got hold of a Microsoft mail that informed the reader that TechEd Europe and IT Forum were being combined into a two week event, one week for both. It’ll be held in Barcelona in november, because of various reasons. More details can now be found here.

So it seems Spain is the place to be this year. Not sure what the opportunities are, but I’d sure like to meet Miguel there. I’ve heard he knows his way around Barcelona, so that should be some fun! 😉