How a company can make life beautiful

It’s surprising how beautiful life can be. Some company (or someone) can just create something that will make your day, makes you smile, feel better and creates the urge to give something back. Giving back I do by blogging about it. 🙂

This time it’s Google with their GMail app/website. I already liked it really, really much. Until this morning, when I received a mail from my friend Ramon. When you receive pictures as attachements, GMail already shows you a small preview at the bottom of the mail, along with the links to download them. This time, Ramon sent my four funny movies, and GMail offered a link for every movie. But it also offered a link to download all attachments at once! I clicked it, and immediatly was offered a download dialog window with a zip file to download all files at once. Once downloaded, I unzipped the archive and watched the movies. No need for four download dialogs, just one to download them all. No waiting for the attachements to be zipped, instant download.

Life can be so beautifull. If you want this too, email me for either a GMail invitation or the four movies. 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. How can a company make life so beautiful for some and do nothing to better the lifes of others by withholding them all of its goodness? I am talking about Not that Microsoft is any better in that respect…

  2. You’re absolutely right. A strange choice they made. The sorry ass excuses don’t make up for their choice.

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