Sometimes I’m reading up on my subscribed weblogs and just see so much that I want to share. Inspired by Peter Provost his Geek Notes, this might be a repeatable feature.

  • Waterfall 2006

    This is the place to be. Forget about Agile 2006, let’s all meet at Waterfall 2006.At the website, don’t forget to read the session names and the first paragraph after the sessions.  []

  • Code Coverage in TestDriven.NET

    The tool once called NUnitAddin, now supports code coverage. Unfortunatly only in the Team Editions of VS2005, probably because it’s already there in some form. Let’s hope it’s maker, Jamie Cansdale, can also support it in other versions of VS2005.Perhaps those nice little green and red icons that VS2005 has in its VSTT can also be added in VS2005 through TestDriven.NET 🙂 []

  • Since a while I’m digging myself into both MSF 3 and MSF Agile. Via David Anderson I’m reading that MSF practitioners/trainers Andy Delin and Clementino Mendonca are also blogging. Let’s see what they have to say, subscribed.
  • And after reading Clementino his weblog, what do I see? Turbo Pascal 5.5 as a free ‘antique software’ download at the Borland website! Is that cool or what?! 🙂
  • In one of my latest posts about WIndows Workflow, I replied to a comment poster that the WF and WCF Go Live licenses are out. Now you’ve read it here also.
  • Service Orientation, what it is not.

    First, Steve Swartz kicked in some doors with his Channel 9 video. Richard Turner agrees with him and adds some more comments. Especially the Service Orientation != Service Oriented Architecture statement can be confusing. Remember who said we should say SO/A? While everyone is trying to solve problems with all these technologies, methodologies, patterns and much much more, It’s getting more and more confusing. 😉

References are added as […] links.