How a company can make life beautiful part 2

Google CalendarI’ve explained previously how I love Google. In the meanwhile I’ve read an article how great Google has done financially, but also how they aren’t always as honest in their quest for making all information available to everyone. In China they block information that’s not approved by the government, and they refused to hand over information about people looking for some of the more nasty kinds of pr0n on the internet.

But who cares? We blindly follow Google in their quest to take over the world. All Linux/Unix fans out there should love Google, as they’re on their way to buy-out Microsoft in the future! And another step in that direction is Google Calendar, which has now been made public. So go ahead, get a calendar at and see how beautiful they can make your life! 😉

It features sharing of your calendar with multiple options, including holidays of one or more countries, including christian holidays. Notifications of events via mail and sms, unfortunatly the latter not in The Netherlands. And of course everything is handled on the Ajaxian way that made Google so popular with me!