LLBLGen Pro 2 article

Although I’ve written articles for magazines before, it had never crossed my mind to create an article about a technological subject. Because of the RAD Race held this year, the general editor of Software Release Magazine knew we had used LLBLGen Pro to help in our solution. So when version 2.0 was released of LLBLGen Pro, they asked us at Class-A to write an article about it. As I had just performed a review of several O/RM tools for a customer, it was most logical for me to write the article.

It turns out to be pretty hard writing an objective article about a tool. Because I didn’t want to compare it to other mappers, I decided to write about how LLBLGen Pro works and about some of its coolest features. For example the designer that I haven’t been able to discover in any other mapper. Besides the tool itself, I think support however is one of the most important aspects in choosing a tool like an O/R Mapper. And compared to others, it’s my opinion LLBLGen Pro has the best support available. Other (not to be named) popular mappers have support, but you’ll either have to pay big money for it (without knowing how good the support will be), or depend on one person to answer all your questions on the tool’s forum. LLBLGen Pro on the other hand has a very active forum with a support-team and other users that answer questions pretty quick. And knowing Frans (founder of the tool) personally has helped me out on occasion as well. 😉

Unfortunately the article isn’t available online and in Dutch. For our Dutch reviewers, we hope to put the article online at some time on our company’s website. When that’ll happen, I’ll inform you via my weblog. Here’s a snippet from the magazine, as I suspect it won’t stay online for more than a month.

*Object-Relational Mapping in de .NET-wereld **Dennis van der Stelt* > Een keuze maken tussen de vele O/R Mappers beschikbaar in de .NET wereld is niet eenvoudig. Als kennisprovider heeft Class-A daarom onlangs een onderzoek gedaan naar verschillende O/R Mappers. Hoewel niet voor elke project dezelfde keuze gemaakt kan worden, sprong één O/R Mapper tussen de andere uit: LLBLGen Pro 2.