Vista RC1 keys available

Last time, only 1000 keys were available. So everyone had to wait until the program opened up again. Good news, it’s open again!

And while Erwyn is away, who normally posts these kind of things, I took it upon me to tell you the news. Perhaps you want one, and you can’t be too late again!

Go to the country selection screen, and be sure to work with the bottom combobox.

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3 Responses

  1. RJ says:

    A key wasnt a problem; Beta 2 keys work fine in RC1 (i’ve got RC1 running fine with such a key for about 2 weeks now)
    I guess getting the software was/is a problem.. Only registered beta testers and MS connect members can/could download RC1.

  2. When registered, I got a key and download link, so this is it! You’re chance! Download it now! 😀

  3. I am back already 😉

    Let me recap the Vista story to clear up any confusion.

    The number of downloads of the pre-RC1 (build 5536) image was limited to 100,000 by Microsoft.

    The RC1 (build 5600) image was released shortly afterwards. At first it could only be downloaded by TAP and Beta Program participants. However other people (I won’t name names 😉 found alternative means of getting the image. After a week anybody could download the ISO, but you needed to have a product key to activate Vista.

    The Beta 2 keys work for both the pre-RC1 and the RC1 build. So I you already had a key through the Beta Experience or an MSDN Subscription and you had the ISO, you were good to go.

    The new thing now is that anybody can request a product key for RC1. And indeed as Dennis said, make sure you get one early. On previous occassions Microsoft closed the preview program after millions of people had registered and you had to pay to get access after that.

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