Running Vista; I think not!

I’ve made my decision, I’m rolling back to Windows XP.

I’ve been using Vista on my laptop on which I perform my daily work. Some problems I’ve come across:

  1. Visual Studio 2005 doesn’t behave as I want it to, for example extreme slow startups
  2. It’s very hard to debug IIS examples from internet as they’re all IIS6 and Vista uses IIS7
  3. All kinds of program lock up randomly, blocking other applications
  4. Windows Explorer shows random behavior (like multi-selection of files doesn’t work anymore)
  5. Multiple applications that don’t seem to work anymore. Most have though.
  6. The sidebar I’ve never ever used. It’s useless up until now. Especially because going to the desktop means the sidebar will hide as well.

There were some things I liked, like

  1. Search inside start menu. I’ll have to replace it by Slickrun or so.
  2. The address bar in Windows Explorer where folders have been split up and clickable.
  3. The new graphics. I loved it in the beginning, now I don’t notice it anymore.
  4. The new system-tray icons. Connecting to a VPN connection, setting up sound and power plan was very handy.
  5. IIS7 and WAS. It’s a shame I can’t do WCF WAS demos in WinXP! 🙂

I have no idea when I’ll install Windows XP, but I’m sure going back. Can’t live with the shortcomings of Vista.