Running Vista; Blue isn’t my favorite color

I just blogged that I’ll be switching back to Windows XP. One of the problems I forgot to mention is this one:

I can’t remember the time that my Windows XP gave me a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD). On Windows Vista tonight was about my 15th time since I started using Vista RTM. This time I pressed Windows+E, expecting the Windows Explorer. Unfortunatly all applications started closing, but before it completed I got the famous BSOD.

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  1. Adel Khalil says:

    Hello Dennis, i was shocked with the number of BSOD you got since you installed Vista.. i’m now over 30 days with vista RTM BUILD 6000 as my full time development station running VS SP1 with no problems till now, i didn’t recall any forced restart.

    my machine is P4 3.06 HT x86 with 1GB DDRAM and GeForce ship with 256 MB and my Vista score is 2.3

    I didn’t even saw the screen on your post before.

  2. My Vista blues isn’t over yet either. No blues screen though. Just crashes on hibernate and sleep.

    Worse is that a timebomb in the beta device driver for my SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound card will go off on January 12, 2006. Creative has retracted their statements about availability of Vista drivers for this sound card. People in the support forums sound pretty pissed about this.

    Not having sound in Vista is pretty unacceptable to me, so I either have to buy a new sound card or switch back to XP 🙁

    I also get the feeling that XP is way more stable (if more insecure) than Vista for me.

  3. @Adel : I’m using it as full time dev station as well. It’s a Dell Latitude D810 with 2GB memory.

    Did you do web development? Besides the fact that IIS7 and Vista security vs. VS2005 still doesn’t work excellent, it’s also a problem for me that I have to release on Win2003 with a different IIS version. Although we have an OTAP cycle, it sucks that I have to double-check all IIS settings before I can release something. My customer currently has very short release cycles.

    Maybe I just request too much from my Vista environment. But hey, XP delivered. Vista might be great for average users (I’m not saying you are 😉 but I am quite demanding 😉

  4. Oh, by the way, when I pressed the “check for solution” button, some server was contacted for info… nice progress bar… suddenly it disappeared and I heard nothing from it since then. So I guess there’s no solution to BSODs 😉

  5. I’ve had my share of BSoD’s with Windows XP. Especially when XP was just out, and lots of people upgraded their old computers to XP. When it started crashing, they would ask me why…?

    Every new version of an OS (Windows or other) has got higher hardware requirements. And I think it is ‘normal’ that the new OS doesn’t work 100% perfect with older devices or older drivers. Adel’s is a nice example that there are configurations that run Vista without any BSoD’s popping up.

    I will be upgrading my workstation shortly (hardware-wise). As soon as that has been done, I’ll start running Vista. Any and all findings will be recorded at my blog…

  6. John Inabnit says:

    I get the BSOD daily… i upgraded to vista last week and it doesnt stop….as for creative retracting their drivers…. i got them from creative on feb 3rd and they work fine…. and this morning i got caught in a continuous blue screen reboot loop after my system installed an automatic update….so i went into safe mode and removed it and turned of auto update and all is good again…well at least good till i install something else…. i have never had a blue screen on xp unless i way over worked the os (which was done intentionally to see what it could really handle) so as nice as vista looks, microsoft needs to get off their butts and not make us wait a year for a service pack to fix these issues.

  7. Adel Khalil says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Just coming to your post to tell you that i rolled back to XP few days ago.

    As I’m not doing Web Development… so on the development side i haven’t experience show stoppers but still lake of drivers and incompatibility with many other softwares got me back to XP again.

  8. James says:

    I’ve admittingly had a couple of BSODs but my score is only 3.7 cos of my crap graphics =[

  9. I had Vista on a pretty decent laptop, on which only the videocard wasn’t all that. My score on graphics was a 2. And a 3.7 is a really decent score, I must say!

  10. Lyn says:

    15 BSOD? Wow. I only got that once, and it was during the installation stage. Everything went smoothly thereafter. Maybe some of your problems are driver-related perhaps? In case it is, go to for the appropriate driver. If it’s not a driver problem, then I think it’s time to call Houston 🙂

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