Visual Studio 2008, VS2008 Shell and SQL Server 2008

At MIX07 new stuff was announced, at TechEd 2007 in Orlando names of products have been announced.

  • Visual Studio 2008 “Orcas” has been renamed to Visual Studio 2008.It’s a bit strange so few people have yet to blog about it, the only real reference I could find was at Darryl Burling‘s weblog. I started searching after reading Daniel Moth‘s weblog.
  • Visual Studio 2008 Shell This info has also been released at TechEd. From what I understand, you can integrate the VS2008 shell into your own application, enabling it the advanced IDE features that VS2008 offers you. Read more at the VS2008 Shell weblog.
  • SQL Server 2008 Yes, “Katmai” also got its final name. Read more at the SQL website.

According to Daryll Burling these names have nothing to do with the year, but more about the financial year these products will be released. As far as I’m know, the financial year of 2008 begins before the calendar year of 2008.Meaning VS2008 might be released in 2007, but SQL Server 2008 can’t be released at the end of the year 2008.We’ll see! 🙂