Summer Classes 2007

At Class-A we’re preparing for the Summer Classes. Last year was the first time we organized this event and gave the first .NET 3.0 trainings ever in Holland. This year we’ll provide you with all the information you want about:

Alex Thissen, Pascal Naber, Frits Ankersmit and me will be delivering the .NET 3.5 class. Mike Glaser, Anko Duizer en Astrid Hackenberg will be delivering the BI class.

Each Summer Class will be delivered in Domburg in an hotel at the sea for 5 days straight, with entertainment in the evening. Alex and I will deliver some additional entertainment in the form of CounterStrike and/or BattleField 2 multiplayer games at the .NET 3.5 class.

But the main goal of the Summer Classes is to provide you with information you can take home and to work and actually use. For the .NET 3.5 class this means we’ll explain almost all the new stuff, added with practical information. The difference is that people who might go to some conference in, let’s say Barcelona, will get a lot of information but only the good stuff and hardly any hands on. At our Summer Classes you’ll hear everything, the truth and get a lot of hands on practices. Instead of being able to focus what you’re going to invest on R&D, you’ll return home and be able to focus your architectures and designs on what you know is best, because you’ve just learned what the options are and how to implement them.

To be able to do this, you’ll build an application in 5 days. We’ll start of simple with the technologies you’re used handed to you, and expand and upgrading the application to use just about the entire .NET Framework 3.5.We’ll even throw some SilverLight in, just because Alex and I are so enthusiastic about it.

If you want more info, visit the Class-A website, or visit us at the Developer Days (we have our own booth with a palm tree in it) in the RAI on June 13 and 14 or contact me personally. I’ll be at the DevDays the 13th. If you want to meet up, don’t hesitate to contact me.