Visual Studio 2008 unit testing

Unit testing using Visual Studio just got better! When preparing some stuff for the Summer Class (yeah, I know, a bit late as it’s already going on 😉 I was doing some unit testing for my mobile application, inside my Virtual PC image for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2.

It was going through my head that I missed TestDriven.NET its integration in the IDA and that it would very unlikely be able to support the deployment of my tests to my mobile device. Without thinking, I pressed the right button and to me suprise, what option was presented to me?


So now you know I write all my training exercises without using tests, because this was the first time I noticed it. You can run a single text with the click of a mouse button! Unfortunately you can’t right-click a file in the solution explorer and do the same, but you can select the class in the editor itself and run all tests in that class…