Office Live Workspace

You might know that I’m quite the Microsoft addict. While a lot of people are very sceptic with everything Microsoft releases, I tend to have a positive feeling for everything Microsoft releases, at first. After some experience, I might hate or love it, or just don’t use it because I don’t feel the need for it. Microsoft Sync, Parallel extensions and many more products and frameworks; after I get my hands dirty with it I’ll decide if it does any good for me or not.

About Office Live Workspace, I know there are many alternatives to it but I really want to give this a change. Everything looks good (I almost always like Microsoft GUI’s), looks familiar, has a nice Office plugin and some other benefits. And hey, it’s a Microsoft product! 😉

I just read they released new languages and that May was a very hectic month for them. But I seriously can’t believe why they don’t introduce folders. Everyone is crying out for folders but instead of folders, we get more languages and other stuff. So I thought, let’s see when they’ll introduce folders and went to their blogs. Of course (?) you have to login to place a comment. So I click the little Passport (or Windows Live ID) login icon at the top-right corner. But I get presented a login/registration screen. First thing I thought was that this was some phising attempt for my Windows Live ID username and password. Why use the icon and have a different registration system. Heck, why a different registration system at all? So I left the blogs and decided to write a long and boring post on my own weblog. And guess what, anonymous comments are enabled! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve registered for a workspace months ago and would really like to use it, but haven’t done so yet. Simply because of the lack of folders. I’m not even going to upload a small amount of folders to later find out I have to move every single one of them via a web interface.

Please introduce folders into Office Live Workspace! Thanks.