Windows Live Writer and ZoomIt

Two tools I absolutely love!

Windows Live Writer
A new version was just released, June 2nd. Download it here.

Sysinternals ZoomIt
Version 2.0 was released on May 28. I just downloaded that version myself and it has some nice features. However, I did not know about all 1.x existing features myself. I just saw a part of the TechEd keynote and noticed this guy was drawing rectangles and arrows. I thought : “What tool is this guy using? Can it be my favorite tool ZoomIt?” And yes he was!!!

  • Draw a rectangle with the control key.
  • Draw a line with the shift key.
  • Draw an arrow with control and shift keys.

Now I did not know that! New features in 2.0 (afaik) are:

  • Enable a clear sketch pad with the W (white) key or K (black) key.
  • Save a drawing with CTRL+S
  • Change pen width by holding ctrl and zooming with the mouse wheel.


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  1. Tim says:

    How do I keep my mouse arrow showing on the screen when I use zoomit?

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