Gaming for students

We used to have an XBox at Class-A for students to play on. But the older it got, the less students were interested in playing with it. So we decided to have a new console and opted for either Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3.I took an investigation upon me to see which was most interesting. Wii has of course great controllers, but PlayStation 3 way better graphics and more important, cooler games to play with multiple people. Wii can’t even beat that, as it can’t even handle splitscreen from a performance point of view!

Anyway, today Astrid and I connected a 40” TV and the PlayStation 3 together with Guitar Hero 3 and two guitars, Buzz!: Quiz TV with four buzzers and Call of Duty 4, because of the 4 player splitscreen multiplayer part. Motorstorm Pacific Rift and LittleBigPlanet (check out this video) are already on pre-order and we’ll see about other games.

Here’s me testing out Guitar Hero 3.After seeing the images I think I look much too sweet soft to be a Rock Legend, but I did enjoy playing the game though.

dennis_gh3_1 dennis_gh3_2

Don’t forget, when you visit us for a training, you will be challenged to play a game! After my vacation I’ll create some .NET questions for Buzz! 🙂