Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 experiences

I just uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 because it constantly kept crashing. A good thing was that it was only crashing a single tab in IE8, but multiple tabs constantly kept crashing for no reason (to me at least).

A new nice feature is colored tabs. But the behavior also changed. Normally I could drag the icon of a website from the address bar to the active tab or drag a link from a page to the active tab. That has been taken away and I question why. Maybe because it’s beta, maybe because Microsoft doesn’t understand it. Since I can remember Firefox supports way more advanced tabs. I can drag URLs to any tab and open the website in that tab, without losing focus of the current active tab. I can also close inactive tabs without opening it first. I really missed those features in IE7 but IE8 seems to make it worse.

Anyway, I’ll keep on using IE7 and hope for the best in the future…