SDN Event March 18th

SDN Event March 18th

For March 18th I did two presentations

Data replication or data duplication

As systems are growing bigger and more complex, we are looking for different ways to work with data. An example of this is CQRS and Event Sourcing which take a different approach over standard CRUD based systems. But when the authorities on CQRS tell you that it’s not a top level architecture, what do they actually mean? How should the system than be divided? In this session you’ll learn the differences and why you should be replicating data, but not duplicating data.

SOLID Principles part 1

Of the SOLID principles, made famous by Robert C. Martin, we’ll discuss the Single Responsibility Principle and the Open/Closed Principle, two of the presenter’s favorite principles. But at the same time the least understood and used principles. That’s why this session will explain them thoroughly and give real life examples instead of the regular customer & order examples. You’ll walk away knowing what the benefits are and how to use them properly.

I spoke about the Template Method Pattern as well. More information on my blog at the following locations 1. Template Method Explanation 2. Template Method Example 3. Template Method Advanced Example

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.